I am a recent Ph.D in Medieval History seeking the elusive Holy Grail of tenure and a tenure track job.  Hence, to protect myself from the possibility that my backward views cause some open-minded and tolerant potential employer to stay clear, I am taking advantage of anonymity.

Writing about both the medieval and modern period, with an interest in religion, I have no illusions that the Middle Ages were some sort of utopia, nor would I probably choose to live then if given the option (I’d have a problem with the lack of flush toilets).   Yet, at the same time, I can not help but roll my eyes at shallow modern assumptions of the Middle Ages and the self-congratulatory tendency of moderns to praise their own period.  In some respects, modernity strikes me as tremendously backward and so I write about that as well as the Middle Ages.

As well as studying religion, I am a practicing Catholic (in need of ever more practice), and so will sometimes post about such issues as well.

Please write to me at backwardmedievalist@gmail.com with comments, questions about the Middle Ages, or requests for future posts.

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